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Project Outline and Teacher’s Guide

Firstly, thank you for considering our School Sounds programme for your school. We at MPR believe that this project can be of great benefit to schools in Manawatu, offering students a unique learning opportunity, and having a great deal of fun too.

School Sounds aims to be new and exciting, whilst offering another avenue of promotion for the school as it engages the wider community in support and listenership.

The main emphasis of this programme is the broadcast environment; the various roles and aspects involved in a programme and it’s transmission, and highlighting the importance of planning and having fun! We focus on including everyone and having a unique, enjoyable, live experience.

What we should point out right at the start is that all timeframes mentioned in this outline are guidelines only. During our visit to the school, we will discuss timelines in more detail with the teacher and ensure that sufficient time is dedicated to each area of the project, and also that we do not “drag things out” too much!

We’ve estimated that the project as stated below would suit a class size of around 15 – 20 students. Again, in discussion with teaching staff, we may be able to alter things to suit, or prepare two broadcasts instead of one. It is important to realise that nothing is really set in stone, and that all requests for alterations will be considered and – where at all possible – adopted.

We hope this outline is of use to you, click on the heading to open the details. Please remember that you can contact MPR station staff any time you need us.

Step 1 - MPR visits you

Step 2 - (Intermediate and Secondary Schools only) The First Station Visit 

Step 3 - Planning

Step 4 - Pre-Recording, Scripting and Preparation

Step 5 - Tasks to complete before broadcast